no more tits/cleavage on SK.......
2002-07-24 12:46:38 ET

I can not post pictures of my breast,I mean cleavage anymore. I don't want my account to be deleted or anything. Maybe this will be a good thing and stop my obsession with my boobs.I've also deleted my misfits skull and a few other things I had on here so not to piss anyone off or put my account in jepordy. So yeah, if ya wanna see that stuff go to my website. Anyway. I had a pretty boring day. Worked on website and went to mall to get a pretzel.

2002-07-24 17:18:37 ET

mmmm prestzles...

2002-07-24 17:28:47 ET

yes..but no more boobies

2002-07-24 17:34:28 ET

as again..mmmmm preztels..hehe

2002-07-24 18:17:55 ET


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