..dreams must die and be buried...
2002-07-25 10:20:35 ET

Ok, so AJ and I had a bad night. We both agreed that the internet is not the place to hold a conversastion like that agian. So we are kinda ok now. He might be, but I'm not,cause he lied. And that hurts. I always thought and he always told me we didn't have to talk about that subject anymore, but apparently we do. So we are, and hes gunna tell me how he really feels. He tells me my feelings are more important than his. I'mma make it a point that he tells me how he feels . I was thinking of moving to Ireland for 6 months for school over there. We had a little talk on it, and he told me some of his feelings, but not all. So if he really doesn't trust me, or is afraid of me leaving for 6 months, then I'm not going to do it. Even though I want to go soo bad. I always said if I was offered to go, I'd never turn it down, cause going to Ireland is my dream since I was a little kid. But I guess you have to make some scarifices for a relationship, and my dream has to be the one this time. Dreams must die. And I must bury it.

2002-07-25 10:31:50 ET

im sorry! if i were you i'd say so long! haha and i would go to Ireland! but thats just me! haha

2002-07-25 10:41:08 ET

I would, but that'll be in 2 years...he might change his feelings and gain trust in me by then. We've been through about in a year in 7 months, more then most people go though. So people call us the Sid and Nancy of today. Now minus the drugs.

2002-07-25 10:42:33 ET


2002-07-25 10:49:02 ET

Yeah...people say we are violent, I say we are playful. Its good for us. To be able to do all of that.

2002-07-25 10:52:15 ET

yeah, me and my sort of boyfriend have been friends for like 2 years now and people say so much stuff about us because its like one min we are beating up on eachother and then we are nice to eachother and cuddley(sp). its weird...

2002-07-25 10:56:27 ET

Yeah. But its cool. Now, people tell me that AJ and I act like a married couple now and how cute it is. Well shhhh on this..but we're engaged.

2002-07-25 10:58:13 ET


2002-07-25 10:59:46 ET

Mhmm..but shhh..only like 3 people know.

2002-07-25 11:00:26 ET

cause we cant get married for like 2 years. So yeah...I guess its more of a pre-engagment ring.

2002-07-25 11:13:03 ET

cool! thats awesome...congrats! and i wont tell ANYONE!

2002-07-25 11:14:30 ET

heh..awesome ;)

2002-07-25 11:14:57 ET


2002-07-25 11:21:13 ET

everyone in my house is either sleeping, or done passed out.

2002-07-26 08:55:26 ET

ah man nicole, u should go. ur not gonna have too many opportunities to go to ireland, and it'd be an experience. just tell him how much u go and talk about it with him in person. look at it this way, would u stop him from going somewhere he really wanted to go for 6 months? i dont think you would, tell him that.

2002-07-26 14:18:10 ET

We've talked about it alot, in person. The other night we sat on his pourch til 3 am talking about it. He'll change is mind in 2 yrs...hopefuly. And no I wouldn't and couldn't stop him from going somewhere he really wanted to go for 6 months.

2002-07-27 10:42:48 ET

3am? tsk tsk! what were u doing up so late young ladY>? hah jokes. are u allowed to sleep over at his place.

2002-07-27 10:46:08 ET

Haha...yeah because of the distance thingy, and we don't get to see each other that often. I was there from Sat morning til Monday Afternoon..

2002-07-27 10:50:50 ET

ah, that must have been fun. i love sleepovers!

2002-07-27 10:56:51 ET

haha..tis was fun-O plus! Me too..they are great!

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