movie slut
2006-05-27 20:29:17 ET

so last night i rented ORDS OF DOGTOWN. i thought it was a really good movie. i liked it alot. i also rented dirty love and elizabethtown, which did not live up to all the hype.

tonight i rented the cursed and amityville horror. I've seen amityville horror in the theatres, but i wanted to watch it again, and the cursed looked interesting.

so i belive i'm going to watch movies here in alittle bit.

2006-05-28 05:03:21 ET

amityville horror was dumb. I went with a guy to see it in the theatres and he was gripping my arm and freaking out. I laughed and told him that was the last date I ever go with him on again and I was right.

2006-05-28 06:13:19 ET

lol. i liked it for somereason. i'm cheesey like that.

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