pics of art and me
2006-05-30 09:25:38 ET

the art work. these are shitty quality cause i had to use the web cam cause my brother took the digi cam with him to md.

"Color me love"


"Happily Frustrated"

"Cereal Rapist" - this is an sorta dorky inside joke between justin and i, so this is the other painting he is getting for his b-day.

and these are the two i'm deciding on which one to give justin
"It Rains in Hell"

"A Brain Of Frustration"

I really love them both, but a brain of frustration is the one i'm most fond of. Any input? help please.

So heres some pix of me taken in the last month on the web cam. yes, i know. but i get bored here.

Ima gangsta


Pic i edited

and again, sorry this is shitty quality, they look soo much better than this in person.

2006-05-31 14:47:45 ET

The crossed leters are provokative
so is your tatoo

2006-05-31 20:01:06 ET


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