things are looking up.
2006-06-01 07:37:19 ET

Well, Blockbuster has yet to meet my request of more hours.
So it has come to this, I'm looking for a new job.
Now, dont get me wrong, I love my job, and my co-workers. But no one can live on $5.25 an hour with only 18 hours a week, needing to pay $345 a month plus about $150 a month in taxi fees.
So a customer from a local hotel came in yesterday and said thet they were hiring and that if we new anyone looking for a job, to tell them. And I turned to her and was like " I need a new job" and she told me to come in today.
So I got up early this morning and went in for my 1st interview. When my background check comes back, i will be called in for a second interview and have 95% of being hired, as long as they dont drug test right now.
They start you out at $7.oo/ hour and i will get full time. I applied for night audit/night clerk. I will be working 11pm-7am. which is when i'm functioning better anyway.
*crosses fingers*
I hope I get the job. I need it.

2006-06-01 08:16:25 ET

good luck

2006-06-01 08:21:33 ET

thank you!

2006-06-01 19:09:55 ET

wow our minimum wage is 7.63 and I only pay 300 a month in rent. I cant imagine that.

2006-06-02 05:44:44 ET

thats caue south carolina is stuck in the past i suppose. and this state is too bad and lazy to change or push for high minimum wage.

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