I <3 Dick! .........lol.
2006-06-02 06:36:35 ET

So I work 5pm-9pm.
Ususally I would be pissed, cause I would having to be spencing money on a taxi, but Jess and I work the same hours today and tomorrow, so I'm riding with her.
That's if she remembers. I
ll have to call her around 4pm, just so she doesnt forget.
Jess is 22 yrs old, she just got married, and she is pregnant.
she has this cute little belly.
I believe shes having a girl.

Ever not do something and kick yourself in the ass for it later?
Everytime I talk to my friend Dick( real name Richard) I do.
I like Dick,
I have had a thing for him for many many years, since we met and played in a band together, but he was in a relationship with one of my friends, and i was at the beginging of my almost 4 year relationship, so I just let it go, no point in fuckin anything up on either end.
Dick likes me.
I'm single and have been.
Dick is single.
Whats the problem? Problem is I couldnt bring myself to tell him until after I moved. I kept saying " i'm going to tell him at this party. I'm going to tell him" and when the opportunity would come about, I would freeze up.
Dick lives in WV, an area that is like an hour and half away from where I was living at in MD.
I live in South Carolina now.
If I would've opened my mouth, we would've been dating, and honestly, I probably would not have left MD, well then again, I might have ended up moving to the area in which he lives.

this is Dick, everyone meet dick.

This a picture of Dick and I about a week before I left.

we talk everyday, whether it be on the phone or the internet.
when i go back in october, he's the one i'm most excited to see as is he excited to see me.

I love Dick.
If you knew Dick, you would love him too.
He is a great, fun, hilarious, caring, kind man.
And why he cant get a girlfriend, back home , i dont know.
I do know,
Because most of the chicks back home like assholes.
You know, the men that beat them, get them pregnant, leave them, or stay with them and fuck around on them all the time.
Girls back home just cant handle a guy that treats them good.
There is never a dull moment when Dick is around.

When him and I were talking the other night, we were talking about if we would've dated, about how we would've had to walk around with Parental Advisory stickers on our face or clothes.
I have a dirty, dirty, flirty gutter mind, as does he.
We would be horrible in public.
Very offensive, vaulgar and sexual.
It would've been fun though.

Like I said, there are only a couple of reason why I would move back to maryland, and as much as I hate to say this, yes, i would move back for a guy, I would move back for Dick.

But heres the deal:
He has a band, that is very very important to him right now.
And I support him in everyway, cause man, can this boy play his heart out on guitar.
He is fuckin amazing.
And he wants to get his band ready to start touring sometime.
I need to get my life together.
I might be getting a new job, a job which will allow me to get financed for a car.
Then when I get this car, I will be going to college for Phlebotomy.
I figured I should get some sort of good job skills under my belt.
I can take that to where ever I plan to be.

So last night we made a deal.
yes, lets make a deal. lol
deal or no deal.
anyway. if he is not in a relationship and nor am I by the time he is 34, we are getting married. ( he is 24 right now and I'm 21)
i'm not a normal sane person.

2006-06-02 07:55:48 ET

Lol, when I first saw your subject line, I thought you were being a pre-vert like me!!! ;-)
I would tell him so he can have that thought in the back of his mind before some bimbo thinks she likes him and gets his brainwave all messed up. :)

2006-06-02 08:00:43 ET

Oh, he knows I like him. Trust me, he knows now.

I am a pre-vert. lol. i always word play with his name. its great.

2006-06-02 08:13:43 ET

My hunny loves to say prevert instead of the regular way. He mixes word syllables up to make it sound better!

2006-06-02 08:40:27 ET

I does wound way better.
Sounds like you have quite the man.

2006-06-02 08:45:22 ET

He's my Bear! Literally, go see my pics. :D
He's so nice and caring and attentative to me (and I reciprocate on many other occasions)! He's 6'4", 300#, spindle hair & beard, blue, blue eyes, and multi-talented! ^_~

2006-06-02 08:47:56 ET

he looks like a great guy!

I'm glad you have a happy life with him!

most people get themselves stuck in shitty relationships anymore.

2006-06-02 08:55:40 ET

We met in high school and were best friends since then. I'm a motorhead and he's my mechanics teacher. :D
I am such a tomboy when it comes to gender-based hobbies and interests, lol.

2006-06-02 09:21:58 ET

That is so awesome!

hehe..male interests sometimes are more fun that female interests and hobbies

2006-06-02 11:54:00 ET

They have great secrets about bodily functions faux pas and how to trick women into hitting a homerun and many other better activities (i.e. sports, 4x4 trail riding, race cars, supercharged trucks) Sah-weeet!!!

edit/he wasn't actually my teacher, he's my personal mentor and facilitator when I'm working on a vehicle or small engine. /edit

2006-06-02 16:35:13 ET

awesome awesome.

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