work? ...FUCK WORK.
2006-06-03 17:42:19 ET

I wish I could do that.
But, I'm an adult now, and in order to have a roof over my head, food on the table and money to buy the neccessities, i have to have a job.
I wish she would give me more hours, damnit. Cause I dont want to leave there, i was taken in right away like I worked there for years.
I love my co-workers, and just my job in general.
The only reason I comeplain on the days I'm floor help, is because of the new promostion we are running, and they basically want me to pounce on someone as soon as they walk in the dorr, and i feel bad doing it.
Oh yea.. these are our new shirts for the promotion at work that we have to wear until the end of summer...

close up of what it says

i think these shirts are alittle conceited, but then again, maybe thats just me.

I hope the Jameson in calls me next week.
I REALLY need that job.

I have a routine now after work. I always drink a few beers after work.
if anything i just drink one.
since i turned 21 i dont think i've gone 1 day without atleast 1 beer.

So, for Justins b-day this is pwhat i have for him:
Since he doesnt like cake, I'm making him brownies. I need him to get ahold of me so i can find out whether he wants peanut butter icing on them or not.
Then I made him 2 paintings, which he will like ALOT.
Then for "bed time" I bought these cute pink and black stripped boy shorts and a silky black tank top. its cute.
I dont know what we are doing, maybe go out to eat, or go drinking. but he'll probably want to do the drinking at the house considering its his b-day and he has the next day off and wants to get pretty fucked up.
I might try to talk him into going to see the new x-men movie, cause i really want to see it.
but its his b-day, so we'll do what he wants.

i'm bored...someone entertain me...
dance for me.

2006-06-04 01:51:53 ET

I love that shirt! I want one
is Justin the boyfriend?
I always been meaning to ask that
however i forget each time.

2006-06-04 10:59:50 ET

Hahaha. Well if we get another one, after summer I will send you one.

Justin's not the boyfriend.
I dont have a boyfriend.
Justin is my booty call that i hang out with. lol

2006-06-05 03:27:58 ET

LOL that would rawk!
Ah gadda love the booty calls
expecially the ones that actually hangout
and arent stupid pricks.....
oh wait thats me lol

2006-06-05 10:36:35 ET

yea, well he makes it obvious, or so its suppose to seem this way, that he doesnt want a girl friend.
like the other night I said " In a way, I'm alittle excited to see you tuesday"

and he says " Dont get attached"
I said " I'm not, trust me. I just have fun with you is all"
men, pssh!

2006-06-05 10:39:45 ET

LOL what an ass.
However I used to do the same thing
I took the men role of not calling the next day so to speak
you should try it sometime
feels goooooood

2006-06-05 10:45:12 ET

i usually dont call him. he ususally calls me at like... 2:30am..which is fuckin stupid cause when i stay there and yes, he says I, keep him awake with umm.. yea know.. sex until 2am, and he has to work the next day, he bitches at me about it.
but anyway.. this is how it goes.
he treats me like we are dating... blah
and i just go with the flow.
cause if i say anything like what i said.. he acts like i'm trying to marry him.
its funny though.

if i wanted a relationship. i know a guy that is DYING to date me.

2006-06-05 10:47:11 ET

lol. Thats so much like men. They all around suck however I love and need them. Cant stand the way the world runs sometimes.

2006-06-05 11:04:05 ET

no doubt. I hear ya on that.

2006-06-05 12:12:36 ET

have a good day and dont do anything I wouldnt do lol
I think im going to eat my pasta then have a work off all this nasty tummy fat session

2006-06-05 13:50:22 ET

lol.. haha have fun.

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