I need your help.
2006-06-04 10:57:35 ET

yes, i honestly do.

See my cousin, well he's 16, and stupid.
and his girlfriend is well, 15 and stupid.

why are they stupid, well she wants a baby and he got her pregnant.

My aunt is all hell bent on abortion...and i for some reason dont think to parents have say in that.

so this is how i need your help, simply for the fact that i dont know how to word it to look it up...

i need something on how old you are to have your own rights when you are pregnant... or you know.. how old you are to decide on your own with abortion or not, or whether if at any age your parents can make you get an abortion.

my aunt and uncle are not clear minded enough to do this at the moment.

2006-06-04 11:34:58 ET

it's different depending on the state....you could probably google it though, just look up abortion rights as a teenager or something along those lines

2006-06-04 11:38:34 ET

i tried.. and i cant get the wording right.

cause basically this girl doesnt want one.. and my aunt and uncle think that her gaurdians can make her get one.

2006-06-04 11:38:56 ET

It is the parent's responsibility to care for the child
Power over their actions is reasonable to prevent children from hurting themselves or getting into trouble
This is not one of those cases

2006-06-04 11:42:41 ET

so no matter what her age, its her choice... correct?

2006-06-04 11:48:47 ET

assuming she has matured through latency

2006-06-04 12:20:42 ET


2006-06-04 12:29:34 ET

latency is the period after the child passes through after oral and anal and before puberty

2006-06-04 13:01:59 ET

ok.. when i said i'm an idiot.. i meant it..

so you have to explain alittle more than that.

2006-06-04 14:15:25 ET

figure it out youreslf

there is no "formula" to make me dance

except perhaps dancing yourself

2006-06-04 20:31:16 ET

uh.. alright.

2006-06-04 21:35:24 ET

tough subject
I had to go
I answer tomorrow

2006-06-04 21:50:43 ET

its alright.

2006-06-05 12:44:44 ET

Did you google "Planned Parenthood - ??State??"

2006-06-05 13:49:41 ET

no, but its not really planned.. all i'm trying to figure out is if she is 15, if her parents can make her get an abortion.

2006-06-05 14:51:42 ET

They can give you all that information whether it is planned or not and they will be able to answer her questions about her rights as a teenager being pregnant. Planned Parenthood has privacy protection for minors to question these types of situations without contacting the parents/guardians. She has protection from that place so the parents/guardians cannot be involved unless she requests it. They are free and really really helpful for her situation.

2006-06-05 14:56:16 ET

thank you soo much!

2006-06-06 06:17:20 ET

You're welcome!

2006-06-08 20:53:23 ET

i dont know what they are going to do. they really arent talking to the rest of the family at the moment.

2006-06-09 06:43:49 ET

Oh, that clinic does offer pamplets to take home and they have other numbers on the back of them if they want more help elsewhere to suit their needs.

2006-06-09 11:38:47 ET

awesome. thank you.

2006-06-09 12:18:22 ET


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