baby momma drama
2006-06-27 09:12:31 ET

What the fuck is this turning into.... MYSPACE????
i already have one of those.
and then i had this cause it was more personal, yet laid-back and fun.

this is the 1st time i've seen drama on the
land of SubK.

anyone else seeing this shit??

2006-06-27 09:13:15 ET


2006-06-27 09:17:33 ET

its amazing.. ive been here for like 5 years.. and this is the 1st time i've seen drama.

2006-06-27 09:33:29 ET

there has been serious drama back in the day, a few times.

2006-06-27 09:38:23 ET


wow.. well i missed it.

maybe i should be glad.

2006-06-27 09:48:17 ET

whoa what drama i missed it...

the only other drama i remember is the whole jersey kid/yuma kids thing

with oh gosh what was that cute little skanker girls name? hrmmm i dont remember

2006-06-27 09:50:21 ET


2006-06-27 10:19:19 ET

what's going on?

2006-06-27 11:04:43 ET

yes, Jersey kids, and I wasn't so up on the Crisis Yuma.

2006-06-27 17:55:38 ET

i remember that now.

Jess- its just stupid stuff you've been gone for a couple of days this is what happens on here when you are gone for a couple days.

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