"if i had a penis you'd be in trouble"
2006-07-12 10:08:06 ET

I'm really pissed today for reasons i'd rather not discuss.
basically it boils down to this... if a certain male that was in my life lived closer than an hour away, i'd fuckin slit his throat for this shit.

on another note,
jason left at 5am to go home and get some shit done.
he will be back later on tonight to take me to work.
i miss him. :(
i work 11pm-7am tonight.
the boys b-day is tomorrow.
he'll be 29, an old man. lol. or thats atleast what i pick on him about. I have his nieces doing it too.
i actually havent seen the girls in a couple of days. i miss them.

i'm just in a shitty mood, and i have to not take it out on jason.. i really dont want him to worry about me and my actions. and i got to work at 11pm...blah. this day is shit.

2006-07-12 10:48:06 ET

i hear ya... i find myself gettin' pissed off like that a lot lately

2006-07-12 10:48:56 ET

yea.. it sucks.

2006-07-12 10:59:35 ET

tis it does

2006-07-12 11:14:20 ET

such is life.. i suppose.

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