on the cold table...
2006-07-18 18:49:49 ET

so here is alittle quick update.
since last entry i have had 2 infections and they found kidney stones.
i am passing one at the moment and will have surgery tomorrow at 8am to remove the other.
i'm nervous.

i am going to go to bed now, jason is in there waiting to cuddle with me.

i will update on progress later.

2006-07-19 06:46:09 ET

aww that sucks. feel better soon =(

2006-07-19 06:50:04 ET

thank you

2006-07-19 07:15:02 ET

Ouchy! I hope you feel better soon after the surgery. *hugs*

2006-07-21 05:11:45 ET

thank you very much.

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