2006-07-26 08:50:57 ET

so things are still going great between jason and i.
i start back to work tonight.....joy.
they changed things up so i wont quit on them, like the other 3 employes.
umm..i healed wonderfully.
i started my new birth control monday.....

.....ummmm....thats about it.
oh..i have no internet at my house now because i am po' as fuck.

i lead a not so eventful life down here in the south.

2006-07-26 10:07:18 ET

I hate starting new birth control!

2006-07-26 10:28:11 ET

yea, the south can kiss my ass. it's too fucking hot.

2006-07-27 18:39:24 ET

Jacquie- yea it sucks has me all moody and shit. jason has to bare with me, cause i'm also having a bunch of other problems that are adding to it.

Micheal- yea, but the north is tooo fuckin cold for me.. i turn into an ice block. sometimes at night here like 3 or 4 in the morning when we are getting back from one of Jasons shows i'm cold and have to wear a hoodie.

2006-07-27 19:23:38 ET

I know the feeling. I have had that happen to me too

2006-07-27 22:56:57 ET

yes, it sucks.

2006-07-28 04:20:26 ET

best thing to do is ignore everyones rude remarks about it. Just try to stay in control

2006-07-28 10:58:00 ET

yes, i try.

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