money doesnt grow on trees......
2006-08-01 09:56:31 ET

I know that one ALL to well.
so i got a bill for my surgery yesterday....
it was only about... oh um gee .....$17,000.00!
so my grand total so far in medical bills in the state of south carolina is..... about... $25,000.00.
in maryland i had been the the emergancy room a bunch of times since i turned 18..and all i owe them is $5,000.00.
Yesterday was just a shitty day all around.
I went to work on 1 hour of sleep.
simply for the fact that i couldnt sleep due to working graveyard and being on the sleep schedule.
so i had to work at 7am-12:30pm ( thank god), on 1 hour of sleep.
every little shitty thing that could happen..happened.
i ran into a wall, smashed my finger, the copier jammed about 30 billion times, the phone was ringing off the hook, couldnt find the dss office in time to get my paperwork done, my brother was an asshole as usual, my stomache was upset, i got that huge fuckin bill in the mail, i lost some shit.
i was hungry, i was tired, i was mean, angry, crabby, whiney, achey, depressed...and everyone paid.
poor jason.
i threw my purse in his lap one time and hit his balls and then i threw a magazine in his lap and hit his balls.
when we got home from running around he had to make me go to sleep.
i slept from 3:30pm until 8pm. then him and my brother woke me up to go get something to eat. i said i really didnt want to, but they insisted.
sooo..we went tp hardee's, i fucked up my own order, but the lady nicely fixed it for me. and then i ended up spilling my large drink all over the table and floor.
oh it was horrible.

and ya know.. today is another one of those days.
I'm running on 3 hours of sleep.
my tummy is upset again.
i checked out some people that werent suppose to be checked out.
its hot a fuck in here.
and then my mom calls me and tells me that we have to have a months rent by friday.
thats $525.00.
mom gets paid thursday and i get paid friday..and we still wont have enough.
so my brother needs to start coughing up his share or he can go back to MD.
I will fuck him up if we lose our place because of his selfish, inconsiderate ass.
This just motivates me 10 times more to get practicing these set lists with jason, lee and jonathan.

i need to come in tomorrow and make up the hours i missed yesterday when i left early for my doctors appointments. i dont have to come in by a managers request... but i need to for myself and my mom, i need those hours on my next pay check.
i cant wait to get home and cuddle with jason and sleep.
i'm tired.
and I'm also irritated at my brothers selfish ways.
he has maybe put 200 towards anything since we have lived in south c.
what a dick.

i think i'm going to call jason to come down here alittle early.

2006-08-01 14:58:25 ET

i made all my bills just go away, and you can too.

all you have to do is proove you are poor as fuck.

the state has to know what you make and if its under like 25k (depends on the state) bills are gone!

2006-08-01 20:57:41 ET


2006-08-02 04:52:07 ET

i would not reply to this post with what i just replied if it were not true.

oh yeah, when i said bills i wa refering to medical bills.

2006-08-02 11:35:39 ET

sweet, well I'm applying for medicaid, i already recieve it for family planning.. so if they accept me, they will take care of ALL my medical bills.

thank you.

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