dutch oven!!!!
2006-08-03 11:40:43 ET

hahaha..jason and i were fuckin around last night ...and he did something that didnt make me too happy with him.
he tried to molest me with his toe.
so I told him next time I was giving him a Dutch oven.

for those of you that dont know what a Dutch Oven is, its when you pass nasty gas in bed and pull the sheets over your significant others head.
but funny.
my cousin does it to her husband alot. but he returns the favor. lol.

anyway I'm off work today.
Tomorrow I gotta be at work at 7am and so does Jason. We work the same hours tomorrow.
He's making shrimp nets. He made $50 in 3 1/2 hours yesterday. And hes working 8 hours tomorrow. So he'll make about $120 tomorrow. We really need this money.
He also plays a show saturday. And I'm off work. yes! I'm excited.
So that should be atleast $85.

I'm INLOVE with this man!
Its crazy!
He makes me so incredibly happy!
And if he does something i dont like, i cant stay mad at him, even if i try. Cause he always makes up for it.
Plus its the begining, so its all trial and error right now. thats how we are going to have a great relationship. We dont hide anything from each other. if something bothers one of us, we talk about it, we dont argue.
I must admit sometimes I'm alittle mean as of lately, but its just because I've been stressed to the max.

I havent had a cigarette at all today, and I'm about to strangle someone.

yes yes, i know "I thought you quite".....right?
yes I did, but blah..things went to shit and i needed my nicotine.

We are suppose to practice today, but i doubt that is going to happen. He has a way of..forgetting about it. lol.
he's such a procrastinator, worse than me.

2006-08-03 11:49:32 ET

Wow! Congrats on still not smoking! My hun told me this when we got together, "You can smoke all you want; I'm just not going to kiss and ashtray mouth!" I quit on the spot. When we partied (three times since we've been together) I would break down and steal someone's cigarette at the bar or outside. He would know it even though he's drunk too and he wouldn't kiss me until I:
1. Brush my teeth
2. Take a shower
3. Change ALL my clothes (smoke smell lingers too long)
4. Drink a soda so I can "burp" all the residual smoke from my throat/lungs.

I never picked up a cigarette after going through those steps just ONCE while drunk!

So, I'm happy for you and Jason and all your exciting and good things happening and for NOT smoking!!!!

One more thought:
That toe thing would never happen to me and I would prevent it from happening because my hun has some pretty manly toes and they smell like guys feet all the time! I told him I'm more afraid of getting a yeast/bacterial infection if he touches me there with any of his toes/feet. We have agreed ever since I made that statement! I'm just a clean/neat freak, lol.

2006-08-03 12:15:54 ET

that was the same thing i told him. yeast infections suck. I was so mad when he did that. and it just happened.. nothing indicating that was going to happen. and I explained it to me like this
" you know how i alwasy threaten to put my finger in your butt?"
Jason- "yes"
"well imagine if i just did it out of no where with you having no idea it was going to happen...how would you feel?"
Jason- " I would be pretty mad"
Jason- " I see your point now"
and he appoligized endlessly, but i was still so turned off, he went to sleep without his.

Oh I still smoke. Jason doesnt like it and wants me to still stop, but he understand things right now. and all he makes me do is drink something or chew gum.
See I smoke pot too.. and he has offered to buy me weed in place of cigarettes if I stop smoking them, he said weed is ok in his book, but not cigarettes, but i still cant seem to part with them. and $6 bux a week in cigs compared to $20 a week in pot is a better deal considering we are having money issues. We can afford cigs but not pot.

Thank you fo being happy for us. I've really never felt this connected or this happy with someone. I could be crying and he makes me laugh. I could be super pissed... and he makes me laugh.. and ya know how when you are pissed you dont like when people do that.. so he does something funny and i want to laugh, but i dont because then it takes away from me being pissed, but he ends up making me laugh anyway, if that makes since.

I'm happy for you and your hun, with a happy healthy family and the new baby on the way. I hope its a boy.

2006-08-03 14:48:23 ET

I like reading your posts cuz they're happy stuff, lol! I need to update more often and post my Alaska stuff again...

Trampes (my hun's name, don't tell anyone I told you, lol. SK knows him as My Hun) could make me laugh when I'm at my most pissed off stage when dinner goes wrong or I burn it. He will make me laugh when I'm in the middle of bawling my eyes out over a stupid little problem with my jacket or whatever! I know how you feel with your S/O.
I never liked the feeling I got from smoking pot a couple of times, so I quit trying the stuff. Meh~

2006-08-04 05:42:32 ET

i used to dutch nikki all the time. it was funny shit.

2006-08-04 06:34:07 ET

I think I'm going to do a lot of that to my hun when I get more pregnant later this winter, lol. I won't be able to help it either! ^_~ Hahaha!!!!

2006-08-04 06:42:23 ET

lol! thats awesome!

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