2006-08-06 19:11:44 ET

I believe its called that because about 2 hours before your shift ends you feel like you are dying.

i'm at work right now wait for Jason and my brother to get back with my food.
Jason and I havent eaten since like 4 this afternoon and I'm starving cause we didnt eat much then.
We had plans to go out to eat, but that went to shit.

He played a house party last night.
Crowd was nice and into
they were bbq-ing a pig
i puke my guts out in a field at this house
busted blood vessels under my eyes, ya know where the dark circles would be, lee's girlfriend complemented my ass while i was puking
jason had no idea was was going on.
it was an awesome night.
then came home and we were both tired as fuck, and sweaty from being in the heat all day, so we hoped in the shower and hoped into bed...and i got some booty. lol.
we slept until 3 pm. then we just kinda chillaxed..

i'm bored.. and just baked cookies here at work....shhhhh...
man i hope they hurry with my food. I'm hungry as all hell.
well imma go and pretend to be working.
I hope you cool cats had a grand weekend.
I know i did.

2006-08-07 07:07:43 ET

Cool. Your work has an oven and you baked cookies without getting into trouble?!?
I wish my work had something like that! ^_~

2006-08-07 09:40:29 ET

we have this oven just for cookies,its an otis spunkmyer oven and we cook those kinda cookies it..

2006-08-07 09:44:11 ET

Can I find it online somewhere? I want to see what it looks like!

2006-08-07 09:45:31 ET

i dunno.. maybe.. its a cookie oven... its like a large audlt version of an easy bake oven. lol.

2006-08-07 12:12:30 ET

I'll look around this afternoon since it's so dead around here. :)

2006-08-07 16:17:18 ET

ahhhh the drooling picture is so so so cute!

2006-08-07 19:40:04 ET

awww.. thank you.

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