i SWEAR i'm not a prostitute...
2006-08-07 19:38:37 ET

was what i thought i was going to have to say to the cops tonight on my way to work.

i slept at jasons until 10:30pm,
i had to be at work at 11pm.
so i decided to change in the car seeing as his road is a back road and there are never any problems.
hahahaha chyea, right.
tonight they decided to have a soberity check point there.
i have just changed into my work pants and currently have no shirt on as we head around the turn and see them.
i have no time to put a shirt on. they stop us and ask to see jasons license and registration.
i'm trying to cover myself and i'm turning beat red...
all the cops got a nice look at my breast.
one asks " can i ask ya'll a question......what the hell are you guys doing"
Jason tell them I was changing for work cause i'm going to be late,
they say " yall dont have a bathroom or a bedroom or something?"..
.so jason has not shown them his id yet,
he is in the process of pulling it out of his wallet and they tell us to go ahead..
and jason says " do you wanna see my id?"..
and the cop says " naa nanno no.. i seen it already, just go on."
hahaha.. maybe the cop was just as embarrased as me.
they all shined thier flash lights in the cab of the truck.
so i hope Andrews police got the show they were looking for.

future note to self...........do not change clothes in the car anymore.

funny things is . is that i was thinking about giving my love road head... glad I didnt...

2006-08-07 20:57:56 ET


2006-08-07 22:50:06 ET

its funny now... but sucked at the time

2006-08-08 06:32:02 ET

They would've never believed you if you did that when they approached you!
I'm doing what Gryfin's doing!!!! :D

2006-08-08 08:15:11 ET

I know I know. Well something waas telling me not to do that right then.. thats why i said i was thinking about it.....something also told m,e not the change my clothes on in the truck, but i did it anyway................ i should've known better than to ignore my gut.

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