home.. i'm coming back for some tea..
2006-08-13 07:10:29 ET

since my friend is stranded down here Jason and I will be taking her back to MD.
We are all tight on money.. so I told her unless she can give us money to get back here to SC and for us to have money until friday, we couldnt take her.
she understands and made a deal...
if she doesnt stick to it, i will slit her throat cause i have a job to get back to and so does Jason.
Oh, how i hate my job.

what does it mean when every morning i get up early my tummy hurts.. and burns..and i feel ill??...
i dont throw up, but i always feel like i need too.

2006-08-13 08:54:04 ET


2006-08-13 09:13:13 ET

may be acid reflux (of course i am no doctor)

2006-08-13 14:40:30 ET

thats what i'm thinking. cause its not just in the morning but, mostly occurs then.

2006-08-14 07:06:34 ET

sounds like extra acid. try drinking a glass of milk before bed

2006-08-14 07:11:47 ET

or take a home test, but it could be your body getting used to waking up earlier than before and adjusting to your new schedule.

2006-08-15 23:26:53 ET

hmmmmmmm...snow.. you scare me with that....also... what schedule??.. i work night audit somedays and morning shift others.

Subsonik- never thought about that i will try that.

2006-08-17 07:47:49 ET

oops, for some reason I thought you were shifting from nights to days or something of that sort; don't mind some of my responses, I have baby brain and it's a little mushy right now, lol.
sounds like sub has a better possiblity! ^_~

2006-08-17 07:49:48 ET

lemme know how that works out kittne ;-)

2006-08-17 09:56:29 ET

the milk helps alittle.

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