...health department part 2...dun dun dun
2002-07-26 15:36:19 ET

Ok, so yeah. I went to the health department. I come back feeling violated. I had to get a breast exam, and a pelvic exam. The septrum hurt, I think it was too big. They did something that made me tear up, cause it kinda hurt. The doctor basically told me " your fat and you need to lose some weight you fat ass!". Then I wanted to go on the shot, but since I was in the hospital for depression months ago, she wont give me any till I'm evaluated by a psychiatrist. So I have to get that done on the 2nd of Aug. The shot can make you depressed or if you already are make it worse. So I have to wait 3 months until the pill is up to get the shot. God damnit! they want me to get pregnant. Cause the shot is gunna be, uh, 0% effective with me, because I can't remember to take it. Fuckers! Pisses me off. I went at 12:30, and should've been done at 1, but wasen't done until 2:30pm. Fuckin shit.Then they made me take E.C (emergancy conerceptive) cause I had unprotected sex. So now I have to get up at 3am to take the other pill.grrr. So yeah, not a fun day at all.
When I got home I took a nap until 6:30pm.Woke up feeling ok.
Right now I'm babysitting 4 heathens. Fun fun fun, NOT!. Oh my. I just wanna run into a wall and knock myself out. I need it. Or I need to go see AJ. Fucker, should've made him go to the health department with me today...

2002-07-26 15:41:55 ET

they gave you a breast exam? hm... all i got was the pelvic exam. just about all birth controls will cause some sort of fluctuation in your moods and such because of all of the hormones they contain. sucks. sometimes you get used to it, sometimes you don't. it all depends. the first time i took the pill, I was hooooorribly depressed for a long time. this time around, it's not so bad.

2002-07-26 15:43:57 ET

Yeah, thats the reason I also didn't want the pill, was because I was as moody as a pregnant women.

2002-07-26 15:45:19 ET

the pill makes me nauseous, but I am afraid of needles, and doubt the effectiveness of "the patch" so pills it is, since it's so easy for me to take them.

2002-07-26 15:45:47 ET

I'm moody... and thats what you get for having unprotected sex :P why doesnt AJ just wear a fuckin condom?

2002-07-26 15:50:40 ET

Cause we went 2 months with out them and now he don't like them he says " It feels like I'm fuckin a peice of gum". But I think I'm going to make him wear them. They gave me a emergancy pack of Plan-B you have to take it within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. But I'm not telling him about them. Imma just tell him he needs to wear a rubber.

2002-07-26 15:53:37 ET

Tell him if he doesnt and you end up pregnant I'm going to come up there and kick his lame non-condom wearing punk ass.

2002-07-26 15:58:15 ET

haha..Ok. You wont be the only one. I think my dad would kill him. AJ is only afriad of 2 people in the whole world, and thats his dad...and my dad. I should tell AJ that I should be like " ya know if i get pregnant my dad is going to kill you?"

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