tropcial storm ERNESTO!
2006-08-30 19:54:30 ET

so it has gone from a hurricane, to a tropical storm/depression.
I'm looking outside and can see the wind is already slowly starting to pick up.
My boss wants me to stay at the hotel tomorrow to assure that I will be here to work.
So I made my reservation for the top floor, cause fuck being on the bottom floor.
I think we are considered to be like a foot below sea level or something.
And yea, the marsh/ river is RIGHT behind the hotel.
We have fiddler crabs in our pool every day.

We are going to be getting some pretty heavy thunderstorms according to the news.
Jason had to run to his house, but he's suppose to be heading back here ANYTIME now.
I dont want to be here by myself if the electric goes out.
I'm scurred of the dark.

Jason needs to hurry up.
damn it.

I had a dream I was pregnant today.
blah. ass is not saved from having a warrent out on me now.
more shit came up.. and if my bank would've told me this shit in the 1st place i could've had more money and this taken care of already.
instead I'm here broke. and no way to take care of the other shit.
mother fuckers.

oh my.

2006-08-31 06:37:52 ET

I hope everything goes good while you two wait out the storm!
Just to let you know, I started dreaming I was pregnant and within two weeks I found out I really was!
Not to worry you, but could you take some cool sideways tree shots or something that shows the storm, cuz I don't get to see that shit for real and I want to show my two girls what it looks like. ^_^

2006-08-31 07:35:11 ET

ok..well this is my 1st storm.. and its not badass enough for those pictures... maybe next storm.
it is hurricane season, ya know.

2006-08-31 09:59:40 ET

Oooh, okay!
*waits patiently for another storm to go towards Nicole*

2006-08-31 19:06:00 ET

lol....well maybe next time it will be a hurricane..

2006-09-01 07:06:24 ET

Is that a better photo op/worse experience combined?!? ~_~

2006-09-01 15:11:51 ET

yes! lol.

its hurricane season.. so there will be plenty

2006-09-05 06:16:13 ET

kewl. :-D

2006-09-05 19:36:39 ET

yes.. indeed...i think. lol.

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