2006-09-16 13:08:42 ET

all i have to say is this...

i hate aunt flo.

alot more to be updated later.

right now imma go lay on my heating pad.

2006-09-17 22:44:56 ET

aunt flo is a bitch aint she?

2006-09-17 22:52:54 ET

oh yes she is.

she is queen bitch of bitch world!

2006-09-18 08:47:38 ET

I banished my Aunt Flo a long time ago, but I know she'll kick my ass come March when she says, "Remember me, BITCH?" and hits with a revenge!!!


2006-09-19 02:41:41 ET


well you banished her for the sake of the chillins is your belly.

2006-09-19 07:00:48 ET

I didn't even comprehend that I was pregnant for about 2 months. I kept waiting for those annoying cramps to show up both times. That's when I decided they will never show up and I should accept the fact that Aunt Flo moved out of town for a while, lol.

2006-09-19 17:24:14 ET


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