..cleaning my room..
2002-07-27 04:11:33 ET

My mom says I have to clean my room today. So if I'm not on here, thats what I'm doing. Its going to take me like 3 weeks. Its soo freakin messy. Oh my. I hope I don't get lost or eaten. Oh my. So yes, I may be on later tonight though. Its 9:06am, so time me..lol.. I'll start around 10:30 am..cause I want my mum to cut my hair. So Cheers! kiddies, hope you don't miss me too much!

2002-07-27 10:11:52 ET

fun fun, i must go clean my car now!

2002-07-27 10:19:47 ET

haha..::sigh:: I wish I had a car to clean, I'm still not done my room, just need a brake...

2002-07-27 11:06:23 ET

i just got done cleaning out my car man it was still in the garage and i was soooooooooo hot!!! i was all sweaty and gross ewww blah i'm inside now with some extra deodorant on!!!

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