2006-10-09 22:52:10 ET

so hear it is.. like 2 weeks after a uti and i'm sick now.
some sort of cold.
I have a sore throat and a cough.. who knows.. might be west nile. lol.
i keed i keed.
but seriously..
mosquitos hear take to me like a bear to honey.
and up in Charleston...about maybe an hour or 2 from here there have been 2 cases of west nile.

I went to bed at 10:30pm tonight.
what the fuck is up with that!?

Its 3:30am right now.. Wyatt woke me up..
so i took him outside to do his deeds.
Now I'm just sorta waiting for Jason to get home.
He had an acoustic show.
Everytime he plays with Jay, it seems like it takes hime FOREVER to get home.
And now I get alittle paranoid because of an arguement we had this weekend.
that had a statement like this coming out of his mouth..
" I've had plenty of opportunities to be with other women since we've been dating."
which was news to me. I wish he would tell me about these opportunities when they have happened so that way i'm not paranoid like i am now and wondering....well what if he did mess around alittle bit.
oh well.
I'm just being dumb.

he should be home soon.
so i'm going to go watch some TV out in the living room.

2006-10-11 07:02:54 ET

Drink some honey tea or something soothing.
You know he loves you. ~_~

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