..cleaning room...and Anthony John...
2002-07-27 10:28:37 ET

=I'm still cleaning and rearranging my room. I think Anthony John is mad at me or something for the e-mail I sent or either he hasen't checked his e-mail yet. Oh well, its his fault for being a dick about things.

Answer this question for me,

==Do you think its wrong of AJ not to care what went on at the health department yesterday??

2002-07-27 10:59:20 ET

not care how?

2002-07-27 11:01:21 ET

care in how my day went and about the birth control situation..

2002-07-27 11:02:23 ET

I think that he ought to be interested in the whole birth control situation since it involves him.

2002-07-27 11:04:26 ET

yeah..thats what I said...

2002-07-27 11:05:26 ET

hm. perhaps you should have a talk with him? I dunno. depends on how good a relationship you've got goin' with him.

2002-07-27 11:29:50 ET

maybe he's just scared and doesnt want to know right now..but yea..talk with him.

2002-07-27 15:37:29 ET

haha...hes being a prick about it. I've already been pregnant once..and lost it. But he should care about this.

2002-07-27 16:24:35 ET

indeed he should care about it. this is an important part of the relationship, not something that should be taken too lightly. but at the same time too seriously. but you know what i mean.

2002-07-27 17:12:27 ET

Yeah. I mean I could make him come wih me..in the ob gyn office with me while I'm getting my exam, or make him watch the videos I have to watch when I go, but I don't.

2002-07-27 20:52:58 ET

yeah. my boyfriend took me to get my stuff done when i went. i felt a little bad for him. he looked quite awkward sitting there since he was a virgin and whatnot.

2002-07-28 07:04:53 ET


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