2006-10-24 13:56:46 ET

I guess I'm spending too much time inside. Jason says I need a hobby.
I've been crabby, cause I miss my fast paced life I had back home.
I might have lived in a shitty small time, but we knew how to make the best of things.
I have 2 female friends here...both married.
i had 3.. but she moved to Georgia...
This house is driving me insane.
His nieces wont leave my shit alone and have no respect for anyone or anything.
His youngest niece talks to me like I'm a child and shes the adult and abuses the shit outta my puppy....and they let her do it.
He's going to get big and bite the fuck out of her one day... and I told Jason , I dare one of them to tell me I have to get rid of him or put him down. He is only like that with her, because she is mean to him... there are other youngins around and he doesnt act like that with them.. only her.
I'm annoyed.
Jason and I have to get jobs and our own place, or I'm going to end up in the nut house.

I'm here alone while Jason is at the usual tuesday band practice.
they usually get done at 10pm, and then Jason likes to run his mouth for 2 hours.
but I told him today.,.. its one of those days, and he better be home after practice.. cause if he comes rollin in at midnight he might aswell park his ass on the couch for the rest of the night.
today we had the whole house to ourselves... and i was in the living room and jason was in the computer room...all day.
he felt a need to practice all day...
sometimes you just cant help but to get jealous of a guitar...

i'm just ranting , cause like i said.. its one of those days where you have nasty mood swings.. and anything makes it worse.

2006-10-25 07:01:16 ET

Aww...I hope you feel better today! *hugs*

2006-10-25 09:02:57 ET

thank you!

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