i miss halloween
2006-11-03 13:02:41 ET

so i built up to halloween for about 2 months.. and then bam! its over.
I miss it.. i want it to come back!
If they have another Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh,PA next year, Jason and I are going to go. IT looks like total fun!

Jason and I are doing GREAT!
we just ate dinner, I was going to cook, but then his mom decided it would just be quicker to go to KFC and I could cook tomorrow when she cooks her ...cow stomach to eat....

any way we are about to head out to traceys for a get together.

you cool cats have a grand ol weekend!!

2006-11-05 12:54:30 ET

at least she's not cooking pig guts.

2006-11-05 14:35:30 ET

true... I cant get over some of the shit they sell at the grocery stores here in the south..

2006-11-05 15:43:44 ET

i know. pickled pigs feet. hog mowls, pork jowls, turkey necks. man, that's the shit that you THROW AWAY! you do not eat the trash.

2006-11-06 06:50:17 ET

thats what I'm saying man! See in MD they didnt even sell that shit in a butchers shop, they gave it away. I mean my grandparents back home ate some pretty nasty stuff, like blood puddin, liver paste..etc.. but atleast you couldnt buy it at the store. I lose my appitite some days going grocery shopping, seeing that shit.

2006-11-06 14:22:17 ET


2006-11-06 15:49:35 ET


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