2006-11-07 20:17:25 ET

I not nothin of any excitement to be writing about.
Jason and I have been just fine.
He's pooping and playing guitar at the moment.. lol.
Wyatt is getting huge!
New baby in family is suppose to arrive on valentines day! ( cousins baby) I'm excited.
going to go x-mas shopping soon...
my boobs grew...

i got a cute nose stud today...

nothing important....

how has everyone else's lives been?

2006-11-08 07:26:26 ET

pooping and playing guitar? thats lovely

2006-11-08 13:38:12 ET

yea... sometimes he poops, play guitar and sings all at the same time..

2006-11-08 15:42:53 ET

oh my goodness.
Andrew pees with the door open and will talk to me sometimes but he's decent about his pooping time

2006-11-10 18:23:54 ET

lol...Jason and I are like a married couple.. we dont care.. .well I care about my poop time....i have to have music playing cause my saying is.. " just because you know I'm pooping doesnt mean you have to hear it"

2006-11-10 19:20:19 ET

I turn on the fan so nobody has to hear it.

2006-11-11 09:25:51 ET

we dont have a fan in this bathroom... when his dad built the house he forgot to put them in the bathrooms.

2006-11-14 13:07:57 ET

Why did your boobs grow?!?

Am I missing something here?
Boob job: Y/N

Sounds like Jason is a great multi-tasker, lol. I don't mind the pee time, but poopy time is too aromatic for Trampes and me to share the smell of roses......bask in the ambiance......enlighten ourselves......okay that's enough joking around. ^_~

2006-11-14 13:30:44 ET

i dont know why they grew

negative on the boob job... i have 40 d's almost double d's... i think i'm well off in the boob department..

lol.. yea.. hes a muti-procrastinator too... lol.

2006-11-14 13:46:40 ET


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