I'm fuckin done..
2002-07-27 17:38:15 ET

Oh my god..its about time. I'm done cleaning my room. I had to scrub my walls down because they are white and were stained. I rearranged my room! Its cool . I like it the way it is now!..Its soo neat..lol..If I have a digi cam, I'd take a pic, but I dont...so poop. I'm bored, AJ better get his punk ass back online soon. I'm sending out some letters tomorrow. I've been in a writing mood, so if you want me to send you one, gimme you address. haha..maybe I'll put some goodies in the envolope..hehe..

//listening to//:"Red Carpet and Rebellion"-The Distillers

2002-07-27 17:39:41 ET

what type of goodies =P

2002-07-27 17:40:03 ET

ooh! ooh! write me! write meeeeeeee!

2002-07-27 17:41:10 ET

interestin stuff...I just put an pamphlet on abstanince in my friend letter... and a pic of me. What ever seems funny and interesting. I also decorate the envolopes...

2002-07-27 17:42:21 ET

PM me you address , first name and last, cuase sometimes my post office will re turn them if I don't put the persons 1st and last name..

2002-07-27 17:48:55 ET

ok i will..

2002-07-27 17:51:50 ET

lol why not =P but i don't know if i'll be moving befor the letter gets here...

2002-07-27 17:59:31 ET

hmmm..well I'll have it sent out by monday..if you don't want me to, you can wait until you move and then give me your address..

2002-07-27 18:02:23 ET

aahhh man moving will take alot of responsiblity..because i gotta remember a new address and phone number...thats gunna be a pain..

2002-07-27 18:04:01 ET

want my address to write me instead??

2002-07-27 18:06:26 ET

i don't think you could read me hand writing lol...its really bad...

2002-07-27 18:08:18 ET

lol...AJs is like a code or something. I can read his and my dads ,and they have the worst handwriting in the world. So I'm pretty sure I can manage.

2002-07-28 08:35:46 ET

god bless goodies and mail.

2002-07-28 09:14:40 ET

haha yes..I love to spread the joy or presents in mail..

2002-07-28 20:22:59 ET

hehe nicole write me!! well my dumb ass needs to send your letters..its in a evenlope and everything, ive just been lazy and havent taken it to the mailbox..hehe..i will tomorrow..so than when you get it you can write me back..i made you the coolest letter too and it has some interesting pics in there..hehe.

2002-07-28 20:25:49 ET

its not nudity i hope...cause if it is I WANT I WANT...wait did i say that outloud?

2002-07-28 20:28:11 ET

of course it was nudity..what else would i send..lol..

2002-07-28 20:29:02 ET

damn it i want it!!! come on!!! you know you wanna give it to me!!

2002-07-28 20:29:32 ET

lol..nope..only for Nicole.

2002-07-28 20:30:51 ET


2002-07-28 20:31:40 ET

no im not =(

2002-07-28 20:32:12 ET

you won't send me boobies =/

2002-07-28 20:33:17 ET

cuz you didnt want me to write you, when i asked.

2002-07-28 20:36:09 ET

well.. i might be moving soon and i don't want it to come to the wrong house =/

2002-07-28 20:36:38 ET

how about i write you...and then you write back =)

2002-07-28 20:38:57 ET

okie dokie we can do that.

2002-07-28 20:42:28 ET

im me with your address and i'll write you and stuff....yeah

2002-07-28 20:45:20 ET

okie dokie pokie.

2002-07-28 20:47:10 ET

who told you i was slow...*looks behind him both ways*

2002-07-28 20:48:29 ET


2002-07-29 07:30:27 ET

hahaha..yay! I've been checking my mail everyday waiting on that letter, no wonder it hasen't come yet, now I feel like a dumbass...

2002-07-29 11:44:34 ET

hahahaha i just put it in the mailbox...but since im too late for the mailman cuz he collected all the mail from there...he'll get it tomorrow morning and it will be on the way...wwooooooooooooweeeeeeee and i made you the coolest letter too!@!

2002-07-29 12:26:09 ET

i'm sending your letter tomarrow =P gotta find some stamps though.....doh i hate this part...

2002-07-29 12:35:32 ET


2002-07-29 13:16:02 ET

Hahaha..I want another letter....:(

2002-07-29 13:19:29 ET

Punk if you send me your address i'll write you one too and then you can send one back

2002-07-29 13:22:10 ET

Okies! Cool :D

2002-07-29 13:24:08 ET

pm me or on aol InsanestPunk

2002-07-29 13:25:22 ET

k..imma add you to my messanger..

2002-07-29 13:28:47 ET

why would i stalk you ::eyes grow bigger:: why would i WANT to?

2002-07-29 13:29:50 ET

Because you like girls...and you have my address...and have you seen my breast?

2002-07-29 13:32:56 ET

yes.....so...your point =P

2002-07-29 13:41:17 ET


2002-07-29 13:42:43 ET

blah...count blah....i am here to suck your blahd....blah!

2002-07-29 13:43:40 ET


2002-07-29 13:44:08 ET


2002-07-29 16:02:52 ET


2002-07-29 18:33:26 ET

i have light green hair =)

2002-07-30 01:00:32 ET

hey nicole..i just wanted to remind you...ITS ON ITS WAY ITS ON ITS WAY ITS ON ITS WAY!!!! WOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE. ok im done =)

2002-07-30 06:28:23 ET

YAY!!!!!! I'll be waiting!! ;)

2002-07-30 07:49:46 ET

so now you can go look in the mailbox without feeling like a dumb ass cuz its really on its way..lol..

2002-07-30 08:27:10 ET


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