alittle update...
2006-11-26 18:48:18 ET

So I'm sick again.
this time Jason gave it to me.
what a meanie-head.
he's still sick.
boy are icky!

drama in the SC.
you can never get away from it.

Picture this.....
me,....riding a bike for an hour or so everyday...
can you picture it?????

well you should, cause its been happening for the past 2 days, and I love it!
though my butt/pootie area is alittle sore..i still love it!
So I guess you can say
thats my new hobby.

Tomorrow I have my appointment at the mental health clinic, maybe something can be accomplished.

Hope all is well your way.
I'm about to go watch some TV with Jason, he's waiting.
Love ya'll.

2006-11-27 16:55:50 ET

you should go to the walmart and get one of those seat covers. i got one a long time ago and it worked wonders

2006-11-27 17:12:28 ET

We are going to get them for x-mas. we all ride bikes here.. lol.. its nice.. cause everything for the most part is flat in the south... unlike in MD

2006-11-28 13:25:12 ET

haha, yea. i have a haro that needs a new tube and the chain needs to be cleaned. it's pretty badass.

2006-11-28 18:32:54 ET


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