at least something good is happening..
2006-12-20 06:21:27 ET

I fuckin hate christmas. bad things ALWAYS happen around christmas.
its just one thing after another lately.
I cant go to Alabama with Jason for the remainder of the 2 months now.
1 because I have to go to court sometime.. and 2 because I have to go to court again sometime.
its gay.
His nephew got tickets to go see Sevendust, so as my x-mas present I was invited to go with him.
And I found out yesterday, I get to go to the after party with the band, have a q & a, get their new cd, signed. Its going to be AWESOME!! I cant wait!

2006-12-21 02:38:06 ET

i remember back in the day i used to like sevendust.

2006-12-21 05:54:09 ET

you should still like them.

2006-12-21 15:38:43 ET

they are alright. i like their first 2 cds

2006-12-23 07:39:06 ET


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