..family values...
2002-07-28 15:33:43 ET

Ok, so I'm here with my cousin. Whos staying at my house for a few days. I love her. Her name is Venessa.So I'm gunna be pretty occupied.Not much boredom. Then next wensday I go to AJs yup yup. We're going to Kings Dominion with him and his family, its gunna be fun, cause his family are really interestingly awesome. So yeah....Imma let my cousin on her now, so she can look at all my shit and make fun of me, yay!. So talk to ya later...

2002-07-28 20:23:52 ET

woooooooooweeeeeeeee! thats all i gotta say.

2002-07-29 07:37:55 ET


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