tattoos are forever
2007-06-02 04:36:56 ET

Sooo... I'm working ( for free) at 521 Tattoo now.
I'm starting to take over what Jay's mom was doing so she can start tattooing. While I'm doing that I will get the money up for my bloodbourne pathogens and CPR class. All I need is $300.00.
He says I'm the last to be apprenticed.
I don't get paid, but that the name of the game with this job starting out.
I woke up excited today, knowing that after Kristins baby shower, that I'm going to the tattoo shop to learn some shit.
Jay's mom actually wants to use Jason as her artist, which pays about $25.00 for every used piece.
This is a dream come true, and I'm so greatful that this man has great faith in me.
I get my dream career!

2007-06-02 15:34:13 ET

wow congratulations.

2007-06-03 12:35:20 ET

thank you!

2007-06-07 08:23:36 ET


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