NO SLEEP til brooklyn ( or somthing like that..
2002-07-29 13:40:25 ET

I did not get any sleep!!!
One because me and my cuz stayed up talking. And 2 because my lil cuz was whining because she didn't want to go to bed at 3am. She wanted to stay up.She is so bad, she grabs peoples boobs, flashes not her cheast or butt either, she kicks punches. God I just wanted to throw her out my bedroom window.Also wanted to drown her in the pool. Oh I hate super whiney kids. Grr...when my cuz isn't standing directly behind me I'll write more. I hate when people stand right over me...

got to sleep at: 5am
woke up : every 30mins to 2 hours.

2002-07-29 14:34:25 ET

I can't stand kids who are loud constantly, and who pay you no mind when you ask them to do something. they just look you in the face as if to say "like hell you'll get me to do that"

2002-07-29 15:11:04 ET

i hate kids that whine too... thats why i love sitting them in front of tv, shuts them up for a few minutes! haha sorry about the no sleep thing

2002-07-29 16:08:33 ET

Oh well shes hit me a few times to day..and I hit her back. lil bitch bit me too, I bit her back..she hit my dog..and I smacked her in the back of the head and was like " how and the fuck do you like it!?"...Imma kill her...I know I am. I hope she leaves tomorrow.

2002-07-29 16:30:51 ET

she hit your dog? I'd kick her ass for that.

2002-07-30 01:36:56 ET

haha no kick her ass for hitting the dog...

poor poor nicole..soon it will be over =)

2002-07-30 06:33:04 ET

It better fuckin be. I just found out gots one more night...I think I'll do myself in before the nights over. If only I had 99 banana, then It wouldn't bother me as much.

2002-07-30 07:51:12 ET


2002-07-30 08:28:19 ET

haha...:( shh

2002-07-30 15:11:39 ET

dorko malorko!!!

2002-07-30 17:49:47 ET


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