suprise suprise..
2007-06-22 18:47:08 ET

So in a couple of weeks it will be Jason's 30th b-day.
July 13th.
I'm having him a suprise b-day party. Its just going to be family and friends, nothing too big.
I'm having a cook out.. his brother-in-law is making a guitar shaped cake. I'm going to try to get a few of his close friends that live in Georgia to come up.
It should be really nice.
Its been hard to plan with family and keep this soo secretive.
I hope no one lets the cat out of the bag, it will be kind of upsetting for me.

other than that things are going alright.
I'm looking for a new job so we can complete the trailor. I cant wait to get it done!

2007-06-25 15:59:30 ET

i need a second job :(

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