going alright...
2007-07-11 12:49:01 ET

Soooo, Jason started playing with a former band, which is a very very good thing. He is bringing in enough that he told me I dont need a job. So I pretty much get to do what a housewife would do, ya know.. all the cleaning and cooking and taking car of the "kids".
He been gone alot lately..so its kinda lonely in the evenings.

I've been drawing alot more, now. Which is good.
I find ways to keep myself occupied.

You should've seen the huge fuckin spider that I tried to kill last night in the house. When I hit it to try to kill it , a million baby spiders spilled EVERYWHERE!!! It freaked me the fuck out.
With Jason gone, my manly man, I know have to fight these battles alone.sigh.

2007-07-26 18:08:17 ET

oh my god i would have died if i smooshed a spider and babies went everywhere. *shudders*

2007-07-27 12:25:00 ET

I did about die. Right now we are staying with our parents while we are working on our place.... and I had to wake her up to come help me kill it after the babies came out.

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