Carpe Diem
2007-09-09 11:24:26 ET

So last night I got a new tattoo. I told my artist just to do her thing.
and this is what came out of her...

2007-09-09 15:16:37 ET

i REALLY like the roses.

2007-09-09 17:11:57 ET

thank you! I do as well.

2007-09-09 19:40:40 ET

it just all looks good, but the roses gave me some ideas for what to put around my guadalupe. but maybe poppies.
either way, EXCELLENT work!!

2007-09-10 15:13:53 ET

thank you. You just gotta trust your artist. Margo, man, she has mad style and creativity.

2007-09-10 15:23:05 ET

i'm about to go to a place called sacred heart in atlanta to finish up my stupid half sleeve so i can get on to bigger/better things

2007-09-10 17:02:09 ET

fuck yeah. telling someone to do something permanent on their whim is definitely seizing the day!

2007-09-12 16:24:17 ET


2007-10-17 02:23:04 ET

<3 it...and btw where have you been missy? come back!

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