2007-10-17 19:57:19 ET

I know this sounds stupid...but..
I'm completely jealous and envious of those with babies or those who are currently pregnant.

2007-10-17 21:29:12 ET

me too.....

2007-10-18 06:53:13 ET

It sucks, huh?

I want to be a mom so bad and it upsets me everytime one of my friends from back home tells me they are pregnant.

I feel silly. Is it silly?

2007-10-18 07:05:53 ET

I don't know if it is silly or not. I think I might be pregnant but the pee tests keep saying no but still no blood from the vaginal

You'll have your day though so don't worry!

2007-10-18 07:13:16 ET

I know, but I want it now. And I'm wanting it more and more with each person that talks of babies. And buy for everybodies baby showers is making it worse. :(. In this past year alone...6 friends/family members have had a baby, 4 people are pregnant right now, 2 due by next month, one just found out a week ago they were pregnant. :(

2007-10-18 07:23:16 ET

well do you think you are ready? if so then why not have a baby?

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