2007-11-13 16:07:19 ET

So I'm registered for college. YaY! This will be my 1st year. I'm going got an Associates in Arts. I will be taking developmental math ( i suck) English 101, American History, and Anthropology.
I have no classes on Friday and only one class on Mondays and Wednesdays!
Oh I'm so excited.
I will go to HGTC (horry-georgetown technical college) for 2 year and get my Associates and then I will be going to AIC (art institute of charleston) for photography for 2 years.
I have to go to Conway Thursday to get my paper work in for VA Benefits. Which will help out so incredibly much.
Things have been going...decent.
My mom paid for me to get my hair cut and styled the other week. It looks nice when I decide to fix it. I've lost some wieght now that I'm taking the pill again.
Everything is working out. I plan to go back home for spring break, my car should be on the road by then.
I just have to stay positive.
Oh, I'm going to be a great aunt again.

2007-11-13 22:38:36 ET

good to hear from you and good to hear good things!

2007-11-14 06:07:36 ET

thank you!
and all I have to say is its about damn time things are looking semi up! LOL

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