sick and excited!
2008-01-08 11:48:05 ET

Yes, you read the title correctly.
Right now I'm sitting here sneezing, and coughing my head off. My muscles ache, sometimes my head feels like its going to explode, and my chest feels full.
Health wise I feel like shit, but I'm not letting it bring me down.
Beacuse next monday I start my 1st day of my 1st semester EVER of college, and I'm so freakin excited I could burst!
I went and picked up my books yesterday and that in itself made my day. Crazy. In high school getting my books sucked, I hated it. College I couldn't wait to get my books.
This year is going to be so kick ass for so many reasons!

2008-01-08 11:49:13 ET

That's awesome! College is exciting times. Nothing like high school.

Also, did you ever buy a new mouse?

2008-01-08 11:55:07 ET

lol.. not yet.
I will be next week though. its not acting up like it was, i think it had something to due wih the nieces being in here with sicky hands.

2008-01-08 11:58:38 ET

don't forget to get a new mouse.

2008-01-09 05:52:11 ET

lol. I wont! hahah. thanks for the reminder

2008-01-10 07:10:35 ET

get better soon dear!

2008-01-10 07:39:34 ET

thank you!

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