Jehovas Witness and Johnny Law..
2002-07-31 11:53:41 ET

ok..I've typed this 6 fuckin times..and my keyboard is gay, andwhen I'm almost done typing it deletes it! So I guess I will type this later, but for now your gunna have to guess what the fuck went on today! Cause I'm pissed at my computer and I'm not typing all that shit agian just for it to delete! maybe later you will know...

2002-07-31 11:54:25 ET


2002-07-31 11:55:30 ET

I'm so day has been shit since I woke up this morning.. to Johvas Witness at my door and they wouldn't leave til I gave them a dollar...fuckers!

2002-07-31 11:57:08 ET

Johvas witness? r the ppl that knock at u door & speak about religion??

2002-07-31 12:03:28 ET

Yeah...very annoying..religion is stupid..people say they eaty this guys flesh and drink his blood..thats pretty sick...don't ya thynk?

2002-07-31 12:06:46 ET

They used to knock at my door...

i just screamed them "Go away & stop disturbing me,assholes!"

2002-07-31 12:16:42 ET


2002-07-31 12:17:53 ET

Now the sunday morning i can sleep in peace :P

2002-07-31 14:14:23 ET

this computer sux more. i have to use my finger as a mouse, and theres a tiny keyboard. and yet, i love it. (just letting you know im still alive)

2002-07-31 15:37:56 ET

haha....YAY! your aLIVE!!!!! oh yea...forgot you went on vaction...right??

2002-08-01 09:37:54 ET

awwww... people are forgetting me.... yes, vacation. it sux.

2002-08-01 11:15:48 ET

i didn't forget you...just forgot where you went, silly. Usually family vaction does sux. Next week I won't be on here. So please don't miss me to much. I'm going on my own little vaction to AJs house..I'm going with his family to Kings Diminion.

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