2008-04-10 23:39:28 ET

Some guitar player is in sooommme trouble when he walks he ass in this door.
There is absolutely no excuse for this. He has been at his friends house since 3 this after noon, its now 4:34am. WHAT THE FUCK!!??!!!!
He didnt take his cell phone and I cant find the numbers to reach him where he is at.
Atleast I would have the common curtesy to call and tell someone I'm atleast still alive.
He has 2 shows this weekend, he needs to be here to get the gas out of the truck that the insurance company is coming to get in a few hours. We had some important discussions to go through.
There is too much going on in our lives right now for him to fuck up like this.
My will power and heart are growing weak in this relationship. Somethings gotta break or somethings gotta change.

2008-04-10 23:40:57 ET

i hope he comes home soon

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