2008-04-19 13:06:41 ET

How can it be said that you and the rest of the family didnt care that someone was potentally missing when no one called to tell you they were missing in the 1st place??
Our nephew's wife can be so brainless at times and horribly lacking in common sense.
What am I talking about. Let me explain.
Jason and I were at a friends house last night, we left there to get some chinese because our tummies were rumbling for food. So while we are sitting there waiting for a food to be ready we get a phone call. Its Jasons sister, Sherry, she tells us that Richard, the nephew, called our house and said that they(him and Ben, his friend)were out on the river they got lost and ran out of gas. We are told that he said for us to go to Ben's house and tell the wives that they are ok, they ran out of gas and for them to take Powell road and they are at a Kangaroo station, they would know what we were talking out. So we grab our food and head close to G-town to Ben's house. When we get there, there are no vehicles, I knock on the door, no answer. I open the door peak my head in and yell HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! a couple of times, nothing. So we ride back to Richards house hoping that Kristin ( his wife) and Jennifer ( ben's wife) was there. They were not so we just figured they guys got ahold of them and they were headed to get them so we went home. The phone call was at quarter til midnight by the way. So while at home the phone rings, Jason's mom gets it and it's his other sister, Regina ( Richard's mom), she said that Kristin and Jenn dropped the baby off and they were going to get the guys.
Well at this time, not known to us, Kristin, Jenn, our friends Tracey and Harry, the US Coast Gaurd, DNR, and the sheriff is at the boat landing looking for them because to them they are missing. Richard nor Ben could reach their wives at either house because they were at the landing the entire time. Now let me tell you, I also called Kristins on the way to find them the 1st time, no answer and they dont have an answering machine.
So since the phone call from Gina we figure they are go to go, so I go to bed and Jason stays up til 4am. Also, take into consideration that at this time, Kristin as not tried to call our house once, where Richards Grandmother , Trisha, and his uncle, Jason, live to let them know that they guys were missing. At 6am Trisha wakes us up. Richard has called, no one picked them up last night and they had to sleep along side the road. They tried to get ahold of their wives at home again, but they were not there, they were still at the landing. So instead of trying to find the women again, I call Richard back and get the info on where they are at, JAson and I go to pick them up so we know that they are home this time. They were like 30 minutes plus away from us. On the way there we call the house to make sure we are headed the right way, Trish proceeds to tell us that Kristin had called about them being missing, and she let her know that we were headed to pick them up. Ok heres another thing to think on.. they were reported missing at 10pm.....she did not call here until 6:30am.
We get them, on the way back to the boat landing Kristin calls my cell to talk to Richard. We get back to the landing, and they let the Coast Guard, DNR and Sheriff that they are ok. Kristin and Jennifer pull in, and before they even get parked you can see the madness on their faces. JAson and I leave because we wanted no part of the bickering and yelling.
Now later in the day, I'm checking my myspace, she has posted a blog. she says in there...
""But I am just so disgusted and fed up with the way Richards family are so ignorant and inconsiderate about things. No one seemed overly worried that Jennifer and I was sitting at the landing waiting on our Husband to be found, praying that they wouldn't be brought out in body bags. You see our major worry was that with the 2 foot seas in the small boat that they were in it most likely capsized. No seemed to really care that Richard and Ben were sleeping on the side of the road under a tree somewhere or about the people out on the water that was searching all night. Now Richard doesn't understand how I can be mad because his family cant seem to get even the simplest things done right, but Richard didn't spend the night seriously considering the fact that you could be a widow or that there were two small kids that are going to be depending on you and you alone for the next 18 years.""

This is how all of that could've been solved.
1) one of the wives stay at one of their houses so that way incase anyone called, with any information, they were there to recieve it.
2) have CONSIDERATION to call his grandmother and uncle

I'm not mad, I understand that it was alot of miscommunication on ALL ends. But she needs to realize this as well.
People need to be informed of something like this to care about it.
If I'm wrong, let me know.

2008-05-08 17:24:58 ET

or at least get a cellphone hahah

2008-05-11 04:18:10 ET

no shit, right? lol. they are a bunch of idiots.

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