2008-05-08 07:15:49 ET

I'm just going to get straight to it.

Yesterday my dog bit someone.
It wasent bad, she didnt even go to the hospital.
I checked on her to make sure she was ok.
Apparently the whole neighborhood wants my dog gone.
Jason's mom said that they have never had an animal without someone complaining about it. And you know whats sad about this, 90% + of the people on this street is her family one way or another.
A Sheriff came by last night and got my name, DOB, and telephone number. He just said " You need to keep him on a leash or he is going to end up costing you alot of money."
In any case, I'm still expecting animal control to show up.
I'm expecting to hear what I dont want to hear.
And it hurts.
and its my fault, and I know its my fault.
He should've been on a chain. I pretty much have killed my own pet in this situation.
I dont want to lose my dog. He's the one stable thing I have here.
My dog is like my child. That is how I love him and treat him.
Fuck!, man.
I'm good at this fucking up deal.
I am my own worst enemy.
My own crusher of my happiness.

Almost everyone on this street let their dogs run. All of those dogs have just as much of a chance of biting someone as mine did. No matter what the dogs personality, they still are animals and can still snap at any minute.
I lose my dog, everyone better be putting thier dogs on chains an leashes.

I feel helpless. and it fuckin sucks.
I dont need comments or remarks.
Its my fault.
I fucked up.
and I know it.

2008-05-09 14:14:40 ET

Honestly? Not your fault.

In most cases where I've seen a person get bitten by a dog, it was the "victims" fault. My neighbor, my brother, me, all human stupidity.

granted that won't fly in defense of your dog, but still, don't beat yourself up.

2008-05-11 04:25:08 ET

I was a bit emotional. But my dog is seriously like my child, considering I got him because I had " baby fever" but was not in the position for a child so got a puppy instead.
I wasent sure of the laws here. I figured since this was his 2nd time biting ( the first was ruled provoked and that he was not a vicious dog) that he would be put to sleep for sure. Animal control stopped by the other night and just put him on an 11 day quarantine here at the house. I cant even walk my dog in the front yard anymore without some neighbor driving by really slow, gawking at me or someone being just outside in general giving me the evil eye. None of the nieghbors wave anymore. but fuck them. lol. Its just stupid and they are all assholes.

Thank you.

2008-05-11 04:34:27 ET

yeah, fuck them! hehe

2008-05-11 04:45:23 ET


2008-05-15 11:31:29 ET

what kind of dog is he?
he looks like a half pitt half dalmation.
super cute.

2008-05-15 11:38:53 ET

Thank you.
thats what he is.
He is super loveable... we just dont know what set him off that day.

2008-05-15 11:51:43 ET

i have a half pitt half bull mastiff, she's super loveable too.
the person was probably doing something assy like blowing in his face or something.

2008-05-15 11:57:33 ET

well it was a woman riding her bike. and she rides up and down the road almost everyday. I think she had her dog with her and thats where it started, Because two of our dogs were barking and going crazy, on being my dog who bit her ankle.
The way I see it, is my dog is a fairly large dog, and if it was an aggressive attack he would've done alot more damage then a little tiny tooth wound... and he would've aimed to knock her off the bike, not bite her ankle.

2008-05-15 11:59:40 ET

that too, mine is only 5 months old and weighs 34 pounds, but she MEANS those 34 pounds, she can almost knock me over just playing, if she were trying to be vicious... well...
i'm sure that it's just because your dog resembles a pitt that the neighbors are being douchey about it. people have no clue about how that breed is and only goes off of the negative things that are portrayed about them.

2008-05-15 12:05:33 ET

the only reason pitts have a negative image is because 85% of the time people make them to be vicious and mean.

2008-05-15 12:06:56 ET

Yep, look at that little face, how could she be mean?

2008-05-15 20:24:32 ET

awww...look at her markings! so beautiful!

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