"Live fast, die young"
2008-07-09 11:40:51 ET

Sometimes that is true.
Since monday it has all seemed like a big bad dream. We got awoken to a phone call monday morning around 8:45am of a friend of ours dying.
He died monday, the viewing was yesterday and he was laid to rest today.
It was our nephews wifes brother. We all hung out together. WE just seen him a week ago when the new baby was born.
It was a closed casket. He was drinking and went off the road. He overcorrected himself. The car rolled a few times to the other side of the road where it struck a tree. Then caught fire. The back end of the vehicle was smashed up to the front seats. He was only 21 years old. With a baby, who will never get to know her father. A mom and a dad, without their only son. 2 little baby nieces without their only uncle. A sister without her only sibling.
Its all been so quick and so sudden, it just does not seem real. I keep thinking about us getting together to cook out sometime soon, and the thought of him not being around is hard to fathom.
He was a good, kind-hearted person. Who had his moments just like the rest of us. And sometimes made stupid decisions, but genuinely cared for others.
RIP Christopher Ledell Bryant II.
Rest In peace, Lee.

2008-07-09 12:46:30 ET

its all sad, but he was drinking and driving. death is one of the likely outcomes.

2008-07-09 13:26:00 ET

yea, which makes it more sad because we have all gotten on him about it numerous times.
That was one of his stupid decisions that caught up with him, i guess.

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