....long day so far...
2002-08-02 08:02:57 ET

Ok heres my day so far-

6:30am= Mom wakes me up so I can get a bath and get ready. We leave the house at 7:30am to get to the Health Department by 8:30 so I can see my psychitrist. Get there get in at 9am. The doctor is from India, she is cool as fuck. She wears the indian clothes and even has the red dot. She says I have AD/HD ( attention defesset/hyper activeness disorder). Haha..when I was little I only had ADD ( attention defisset disorder) now I have AD/HD. haha..So they are putting me on med. Ate at burger king at 11am. Went to Dr.Changs, so she can refere me to get blood work done. Came home. Checked the mail....I GOT MY LETTER!!!
(thank you Cyndi!!!!!)
So tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning to get blood work, pee in a cup and get an EKG, so they can put me on meds. How fun! So yeah. Thats all for now. I'm going to bed cause I'm tired.. Its 1pm. So I will talk to you later today or this evening and mayve updat you on my day...

:: NiCole ::

2002-08-02 08:38:58 ET

(my letter should be coming soon)

2002-08-02 11:52:44 ET


2002-08-02 22:10:15 ET

um...so do you get ritalin?

2002-08-03 00:03:47 ET

*YaY* you got my letter!!!! woooooweeeee! did you like it?? did you like my creative/weird letter. yea i wrote it while i was doing laundry..hehe.

2002-08-03 13:43:11 ET

Cyndi - Yes I loved it.

Renn - Not ritalian I'm getting something else.

2002-08-03 22:28:56 ET


2002-08-04 07:19:54 ET

:D .... oh my..I look like a junkie...I have what looks to be traks on my arms..lol

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