2008-08-20 07:20:35 ET

I've been just kinda out there the past two days. Found out a family friend had died 2 nights ago, since then I'm just blah. I just seen her 2 weeks ago(i live in SC, they live in VA). I didnt expect it this soon, I know she looked weak, and hospice was coming in everyday, but she was so active and lifeful while I was there.
When I think back, I feel that she knew. While I was there we sat and watch TV for a couple of hours and she sat there the whole time holding my hand and telling me how much she had missed me and loved me. She was a wonderful, beautiful person. She was like a mother to me. And it fucking sucks that I am never going to see her again.
Life is fucked up and always catches me off-guard.

2008-08-20 07:23:01 ET

I'm sorry for your great loss. She was lucky to have had a friend like you to be there for her.

2008-08-20 07:25:24 ET

Thank you.

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