homeward bound..
2008-10-29 18:57:55 ET

Tomorrow night Jason and I are taking a train to Maryland. We'll be leaving to come back here Tuesday morning.
So we'll get in on halloween. We will go back to my dads and shower up and and then put on our halloween faces and go out and about. Saturday we will go by and seem some friends and jason will get to meet some new ones. Sunday we will go to my grandparents for alittle while and see some more family and friends and then monday will be kinda chill and we might go to fredrick and stay since my dad needs to catch a flight at BWI on tuesday morning.
This was spur of the moment, but kinda a mini-vacation for Jason and I. Its exciting, but I'm not sure what to expect since there is usually always some sort of issue when it comes to things with my father.

2008-10-30 04:49:37 ET

that sounds so fun! mini-vacations, hooray!

2008-10-30 11:42:07 ET

I hope its fun. During our 9 hr lay over in DC we are going to go to the smithsonianan and whatnot since the lover has never been there.

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