the kid talk..
2002-08-03 18:07:26 ET

here is the conversation with AJ on yahoo.. Just read looks long but its not..its cute and funny..

punk_kitten_x: I had a dream last night that you knocked me up.
AJ: oh thats just great
punk_kitten_x: yeah, thats what I thought too.
punk_kitten_x: But you made me keep it. That was the odd thing.
AJ: hahahaha
AJ: all your dreams have a bizarre twist in them some where
punk_kitten_x: I know. I'm so fucked up.
AJ: hehe
AJ: bizarre
AJ: thats a funny word
punk_kitten_x: And it was a boy...and we named it Sidney Vicious...
punk_kitten_x: hehe
AJ: that sounds right
punk_kitten_x: yeah...
punk_kitten_x: And every one told me I was stupid for letting you name the kid.
punk_kitten_x: it was just a wierd dream
AJ: damnit if i have a kid thats its name
AJ: he'll tell his friend his name
AJ: they'll be like oh yea i believe ya
punk_kitten_x: haha
AJ: man if i was a parent i'd have to be a kool parent
AJ: i'd hate for my kid to hate me or for my kids friends to hate me
punk_kitten_x: Yeah. Me too
AJ: yea
punk_kitten_x: We are gunna be those cool parents that our kids friends wish they had.
AJ: haha yea
punk_kitten_x: hehe..
AJ: isn't it funny how we are saying we ARE
punk_kitten_x: yea.
punk_kitten_x: I was thinking that too.
AJ: i'm sure we will eventually
punk_kitten_x: yea
AJ: i want to eventually
punk_kitten_x: have kids??
AJ: yea
punk_kitten_x: me too
AJ: i think it'd be fun
AJ: making them would be too
punk_kitten_x: Hehe. Yeah. It would

this is funny because when we 1st started dating he was totally anti- kids in his future and I was all for kids...and now..look...he actully wants some. with me!

2002-08-03 18:43:31 ET

uh oh, quick hand me a tissue, I feel a tear coming on. Almost, almost... shit it's gone. Lol, just teasin... that is cute.

2002-08-03 18:46:11 ET


2002-08-05 10:36:56 ET

soccer mom...haha......

2002-08-05 10:39:16 ET

lol does that mean she'll be getting a minivan with a bumper sticker that says: "This vehicle signals 4 miles before turning"

2002-08-09 10:31:52 ET I might get a mini van. But I'm not going to be a wierd..well yes I will..cause I'll be like SiS the mom with pink hair. But I wont be the mom that everyone is like " fuck you" and my mom..

2002-08-09 10:36:30 ET

Soccer mom!!! *throws a squirrel in the road*

2002-08-09 10:44:45 ET the squirrel dead or alive?

2002-08-09 13:25:47 ET

Hmm, depends what i come across first. *goes to set some traps* o.O

2002-08-09 18:42:58 ET


2002-08-09 20:12:58 ET

It'll have to be a live one.. my hillbilly neighbor hits the street at 5am for breakfast. Mmmhmm, roadkill served with toast and OJ.

2002-08-10 07:54:40 ET

LOL...hahaha...make sure you throw out a few racoons and rabbits too they have a feast.

2002-08-10 20:20:21 ET

I think this week, the main course is skunk.

2002-08-10 20:24:26 ET

Oooo..delightful smell and a beautiful colorment..

2002-08-10 20:25:36 ET

I reckon you is right

2002-08-10 20:32:51 ET

I reckon so. Imma go huntin fer some crawldads tonite..wanna go wif me?

2002-08-11 08:43:14 ET

Sure lemme jus get my shotgun and a stick

2002-08-11 16:23:17 ET

sawed off shotgun and a shtick..

2002-08-11 20:37:09 ET

We should bring Becky Sue to pick up them there logs to cook it with.

2002-08-12 07:11:25 ET

Yea I reckon we should. Maybe me should call up Jimbob Joe to help her cause dem dare logs be to heavy fer her.

2002-08-12 14:04:58 ET

Yea and the youngeons can help too, theys all be wantin supper theys needs to start helpin' out 'round here.

2002-08-12 14:25:09 ET

Yesh. Now we can't be havin' anymore youngeons if theseins aint gunna be helpin out...we alrerdy have 6 of em..

2002-08-12 14:26:55 ET

and don' you be forgettin' the 3 on the way. Susie Lee is fixin to have themself another one too

2002-08-12 14:28:37 ET

Holy bucket of slum! Don' you be forgettin bout the 2 we be havin on the way either .....

2002-08-12 15:02:31 ET

twins again? I told you it's all that pig meal and corn you be eatin'

2002-08-12 15:19:12 ET

Yera twins agian. I don eats meat member? I stopped eatin that there meat shit after the 2 kid came along.

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