2008-11-14 12:53:03 ET

Soo in about less than a month and the semester will be over. I'm so glad. I noticed how things with me have changed since last semester. I do good on tests, I actually study lol, and i do well on assignments. I've made an A on every English paper, which for me is a huge achievement. Next semester I will be attending the Horry-Georgetown Technical College's Conway campus...its about an hour away from the house. I changed my major and will now be attending for Cosmetology. I need something hands on and creative in some way. I get bored way too easily.
Other than school, my life is prety uneventful. We either go to the nephews to hang out and see the great nieces, go to my moms for dinner, or go over the river to hang out with the big dam crew.
thats about it.
right now I'm getting ready to leave to hang out with the crew, its been a few weeks.

2008-12-13 07:23:40 ET

ive never been good at school. i think that is a lot of the reason why i haven't gone back.

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