2002-08-04 07:38:41 ET

I just got back form the hospital. I look like a junkie. Ok. Everytime a nurse is gentle with my viens i get a bruise...every time if feels like they are ripping my fuckin vein out..it doesn't bruise. I don't get it. So now I have 2 punctures in my arm, with bruises around them and I look like a herion addict. They look like traks.Blah. I took me forever to pee in the cup cause I can't pee underpressure. Than my pee wouldn't coperate with me..and it hardley went in the cup..just on my hand. :P I hate peeing in a cup. Then I got an EKG..they stuck 10 sticky things on me, it took 5 mintues for every thing, then it was done. Very painless and didn't take long all. So yeah. Today I peed on my hand. And I look like I shoot up. " I'm not addicted mom! I swear!" Now my mom and dad are taking me and my lil bro on a family adventure. Its gunna suck HARDCORE .

2002-08-04 07:46:45 ET

why were you in the hospital?

2002-08-04 07:54:36 ET

around here thats where you have to get bloodwork,EKGs and pee cups done..or anything like that.

2002-08-04 14:57:13 ET

Take care, you. *worries a bit*

2002-08-04 16:23:34 ET

I will. Moma SiS . * feels the motherly worry vibe comin from SiS*

2002-08-05 07:57:10 ET

Ick. I haaaaaaaaate needles.

2002-08-09 10:33:41 ET

yeah. But when you went through all the shit I went through as a kid...needles are something you get use to.

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