2002-08-05 07:14:38 ET

Ok. I'm levaing for a couple of days. I'm going to my husbands house( lol..thats how it feels). I will be gone until thrusday sometime. We are going to kings diminion and all that good shit with his family. Can't wait. So don't go missing me too much . I will be back soon..and If I can check my page from his house I will. I may get on my messanger for a bit there.. So try MSN : punk_angel9@hotmail.com or
Yahoo: punk_kitten_x
That is the ones I will check or you can e-mail at the hotmail account if you really start to miss me. I will see you all in a few days. I luv yas!


2002-08-06 10:14:45 ET

i miss you!!!!! come back!!! i miss you!!! come back!! i miss you!!! hahahahhahahaha. hehe im not even home yet either..hey we both get back home the same day..hehe im having a blast in s.cali woooooweeeee! hehhehe hope you are having fun with your husband!

CYndi lou

2002-08-06 13:03:02 ET

haha ur husbands? i love it! we'll miss ya, but as long as ur having fun my dear!

2002-08-09 10:46:24 ET

yay! I know I was truely missed! :D....yes..my husband....lol..

2002-08-09 14:15:04 ET

hahaha u go...girl!@

2002-08-09 18:44:25 ET


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